SSO Lab: Self-hosting Keycloak on Fly

2023-08-26 #tutorial #lab #fly 

I’ve been wanting an “SSO lab” for experimenting with Single Sign-On (SAML and OIDC) setups. My solution is a Keycloak instance running on This post is a brief tutorial for self-hosting your own Keycloak instance.

Triggering Fly deployments from Gitea webhooks

2022-11-27 #project #lab #fly 

A brief overview of gitea-fly-connector, a piece of code I recently published.

Hosting Gitea on Fly

2022-11-19 #tutorial #lab #fly 

This is a tutorial for hosting Gitea on Includes installation, hardening, SSH, and custom domain setup. For an example of what you get, see

Arch Linux RPi 4

2021-07-25 #lab 

Installing Arch Linux on Raspberry Pi 4, with notes, tweaks, and bash script.

Pi Homelab

2020-05-13 #lab 

My notes from planning and provisioning a lightweight Kubernetes custer with Raspberry Pis and k3s.

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