Three weird reducers: State management in a Next.js app

2023-10-30 #webdev 

Explaining a pattern I’m using for client/server state management in dust.

Why I deployed my Next.js app on Fly instead of Vercel

2023-10-23 #project #webdev #fly 

I recently deployed another one of my little apps, written with Next.js. In this post, I discuss why my app is deployed on Fly instead of Vercel, even though Vercel is ”the native Next.js platform“.

Astro recipe: New post scaffold script

2023-08-20 #webdev #tutorial 

A script to scaffold new posts for my Astro blog.

Astro recipe: D2 component

2023-08-13 #webdev #tutorial 

Use D2 markup to author diagrams in your Astro MDX content.

Astro recipe: Creating aliases (redirects) for old content URLs

2023-05-04 #webdev #tutorial 

Implementing Hugo-style aliases in Astro.

Ad Astro

2023-03-31 #meta #webdev 

Switching my blog’s static site generator to Astro.

ClojureScript Project Quickstart

2021-03-28 #webdev #tutorial 

A brief guide to tooling for ClojureScript projects. Includes compiling, development servers, CI/CD, and publishing to Netlify (for websites) and/or Clojars (for libraries).

The new blog theme

2020-04-12 #meta #webdev 

What I think about when making a new theme for my blog, and how that affects the design you’re looking at now.

Unidirectional data flow architecture in JS

2015-04-22 #essay #webdev 

Things you can learn from Flow and re-frame, even when you’re not using them.

Gulp and Browserify recipe

2014-12-03 #tutorial #webdev 

Mixing Browserify and Gulp — what could go wrong? (Note: this post is very outdated and no longer useful to anyone.)

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