Veni vidi cogitavi1 is a collection of my essays, notes, ideas, and creative digressions. I hope you find something interesting!

Site Goals

This site has two explicit goals:

  1. To be a source of interesting and useful information for others.

  2. To give me experience with sharing my thoughts and perspectives.

And one explicit non-goal:

  1. This is not a commercial venture; and will not have ads, affiliate links, tracking cookies, or other weird stuff like that.


Currently, my blog does not support comments, but I’m not opposed to them and might add them in the future.

If you wish to contact the author (myself) with corrections, suggestions, or feedback, please use the email link in the footer.


I like to browse the Internet with JavaScript disabled.

If you do the same, the following features of this site will stop working:

  1. Comments. I plan to use a JS-dependent solution for comments, but haven’t picked one yet.

Previously, math and diagrams were rendered on the client side and required JS, but not anymore.

Everything else should be fine. If you notice other issues from disabling JS, please send me an email.


I care a lot about privacy, but I also like to know when people are reading my stuff.

I would be satisfied with server-side logging, but Github Pages doesn’t have that feature!

So, I use Simple Analytics — a small analytics operator that respects users’ privacy, and doesn’t use cookies or track personal information. I think this is the best middle ground for “keeping track of” visitors without “tracking” visitors, if that makes sense.

I do plan on self-hosting my own analytics at some point, but that’s a distant future goal.

Publishing Notes

This site is written with Markdown, compiled to HTML with Astro (previously Hugo), and served with Github Pages from a private repository. See my Ad Astro post for more details.

It uses a custom theme which is available on Github under the MIT license. The design goals for the theme are described in my post about the new blog theme.

About Luke

You don’t really need to know anything about me to enjoy the content on this site.

But, if you want a little personal information to better contextualize my work, you can check out my homepage,


  1. Lit. “I came, I saw, I thought [about it].”