GergoPlex Keymap Images

[Luke Turner]
ver. 0
+post +hardware

I’ve been playing with a GergoPlex. I made some printable key layouts for the default GergoPlex keymap, inspired by the fancy printable keymap for the Georgi.

Once I made them, I figured why not share? So without further ado, here are the download links:

The full keymap includes four layouts, which can be downloaded independently:

  • QWERTY (default): Download as SVG or PNG
  • Combos: Download as SVG or PNG
  • SYM (Symbols): Download as SVG or PNG
  • NUM (Number/Function): Download as SVG or PNG

The SVG version of the full keymap is reproduced below:

The font used in these keymaps is called PT Mono.

Also, if you want to make your own custom keymap images, here’s an empty layout to use as a basis:

  • Empty Layout: Download as SVG or PNG