Features in my ideal habit/task tracking app

2023-09-04 #misc 

I’m working on a habit/task tracking app called Habitsheets. As I’ve worked on it, thinking about “features I’d like in my ideal habit/task tracking app,” some ideas occurred to me that don’t seem common in other apps. This post is highlighting those features I wouldn’t mind seeing in other habit and/or task management tools.

Doom Emacs config

2021-04-03 #misc 

My self-compiling literate config for Doom Emacs. Supports note-taking and blogging workflows.

GergoPlex Keymap Images

2020-08-24 #misc 

My printable key layout images for the Gergoplex keyboard

The Internet is down

2018-12-03 #misc 

A short poem.

Hack language parser in a single regex

2013-12-30 #misc 

Parsing the Hack language in a single regular expression. (Hack is a simple assembly language defined in Introduction to Computing Systems.)

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