Sharing human knowledge

2018-12-07 #essay 

Words are a lossy way to represent information. How can we share knowledge with language despite its lossiness?

Automating (even more) early and often

2017-04-15 #essay 

Musing on the value of automating work.

Unidirectional data flow architecture in JS

2015-04-22 #essay #webdev 

Things you can learn from Flow and re-frame, even when you’re not using them.

The value of a sentence

2014-09-09 #essay 

Succinctness is an underestimated virtue in nonfiction: too many books use a page where a sentence would do.

Maneuver warfare was agile before agile

2014-02-14 #essay 

Exploring the similarities between John Boyd’s OODA Loop and agile development’s iteration.

Skewomorphism: second-order mimesis

2013-09-10 #essay 

Our mental models are based on our experience. Overemphasis on games and media can affect these models, resulting in a skewed perception of reality.

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