Ad Astro

2023-03-31 #meta #webdev 

Switching my blog’s static site generator to Astro.

Compiling Mermaid, KaTeX, and D2 at build-time with aftermath

2022-12-30 #meta #project 

I’m happy to report that you no longer need JavaScript to see rendered KaTeX expressions and Mermaid diagrams in my blog posts! I wrote a script aftermath that post-processes my blog posts to compile the following at build-time: KaTeX, Mermaid, and D2.

Blogging workflow

2020-06-20 #meta 

A brief summary of my blogging workflow.

The new blog theme

2020-04-12 #meta #webdev 

What I think about when making a new theme for my blog, and how that affects the design you’re looking at now.

About this blog

2018-12-10 #meta 

Has information about the blog you’re currently reading.

Sample Formatting

2018-12-09 #meta 

This post illustrates the different features and formatting available for content on my blog.

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