About this blog

2018-12-10 +meta

Has information about the blog you’re currently reading.

Sample Formatting

2018-12-09 +meta

This post illustrates the different features and formatting available for content on my blog.

Sharing human knowledge

2018-12-07 +writing

Words are a lossy way to represent information. How can we share knowledge with language despite its lossiness?

The Internet is down

2018-12-03 +misc

A short poem.


2018-09-11 +project +cljs

G.O.L.EM. (Game Of Life EMulator) is an interactive Game of Life implementation I built, just for fun, using Clojurescript and HTML Canvas.

Automating (even more) early and often

2017-04-15 +tech

When a task becomes tedious or repetitive, most developers have a natural instinct to automate it. Some developers (among them, myself) have not much tolerance for unnecessary repetition, to the extent that we’ll automate boring tasks even if it might have been faster not to. We automate stuff because it’s more interesting, and if we’re lucky, it might save some time too. But as I do more operations on real-life production systems, it’s sinking into me that the most important benefits of automation are completely different from what I originally thought.

lpass-add and lpass-env

2016-12-29 +project +tech

I published two scripts, lpass-env and lpass-add, that wrap the lpass CLI. These scripts are very handy if you are storing non-password credentials, like environment variables or SSH keys, directly in your LastPass vault.

Unidirectional data flow architecture in JS

2015-04-22 +tech

Things you can learn from Flow and re-frame, even when you’re not using them.

Gulp and Browserify recipe

2014-12-03 +misc

Mixing Browserify and Gulp – what could go wrong? (Note: this post is very outdated and no longer useful to anyone.)

The value of a sentence

2014-09-09 +writing

Succinctness is an underestimated virtue in nonfiction: too many books use a page where a sentence would do.

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