Arch Linux RPi 4

2021-07-25 +devops

Installing Arch Linux on Raspberry Pi 4, with notes, tweaks, and bash script.

Cool Tools for Desktop Linux

2021-04-10 +list

A list of cool tools, customizations, hacks, etc. for (power-user) desktop Linux.

Doom Emacs config

2021-04-03 +emacs

My self-compiling literate config for Doom Emacs. Supports note-taking and blogging workflows.

ClojureScript Project Quickstart

2021-03-28 +webdev +tutorial +cljs

A brief guide to tooling for ClojureScript projects. Includes compiling, development servers, CI/CD, and publishing to Netlify (for websites) and/or Clojars (for libraries).

Useful GUIs for Developers

2021-03-20 +list

A list of interesting GUI tools for developers.

Recommended books

2021-03-14 +list

Looking for something to read? This is a list of books I’ve read and recommended, organized by genre. The list is provided in both human-readable and CSV formats.

GergoPlex Keymap Images

2020-08-24 +hardware

My printable key layout images for the Gergoplex keyboard

Customizing the Faunchpad

2020-08-10 +hardware +tutorial

A “Getting started” guide for customizing the Faunchpad’s keybindings. Covers QMK basics, compiling, and flashing the firmware.

Blogging workflow

2020-06-20 +meta +emacs

A brief summary of my blogging workflow.

Pi Homelab

2020-05-13 +devops +project

My notes from planning and provisioning a lightweight Kubernetes custer with Raspberry Pis and k3s.