GergoPlex Keymap Images

2020-08-24 +hardware

My printable key layout images for the Gergoplex keyboard

Customizing the Faunchpad

2020-08-10 +hardware +tutorial

A “Getting started” guide for customizing the Faunchpad’s keybindings. Covers QMK basics, compiling, and flashing the firmware.

Blogging workflow

2020-06-20 +emacs +meta

A brief summary of my blogging workflow.

Pi Homelab

2020-05-13 +devops +project

My notes from planning and provisioning a lightweight Kubernetes custer with Raspberry Pis and k3s.

The new blog theme

2020-04-12 +meta +webdev

What I think about when making a new theme for my blog, and how that affects the design you’re looking at now.

About this blog

2018-12-10 +meta

Has information about the blog you’re currently reading.

Sample Formatting

2018-12-09 +meta

This post illustrates the different features and formatting available for content on my blog.

Sharing human knowledge

2018-12-07 +writing

Words are a lossy way to represent information. How can we share knowledge with language despite its lossiness?

The Internet is down

2018-12-03 +misc

A short poem.


2018-09-11 +project +cljs

G.O.L.EM. (Game Of Life EMulator) is an interactive Game of Life implementation I built, just for fun, using Clojurescript and HTML Canvas.