Pi Homelab

2020-05-13 +project +devops

My notes from planning and provisioning a lightweight Kubernetes custer with Raspberry Pis and k3s.


2018-09-11 +project +cljs

G.O.L.EM. (Game Of Life EMulator) is an interactive Game of Life implementation I built, just for fun, using Clojurescript and HTML Canvas.

lpass-add and lpass-env

2016-12-29 +project +tech

I published two scripts, lpass-env and lpass-add, that wrap the lpass CLI. These scripts are very handy if you are storing non-password credentials, like environment variables or SSH keys, directly in your LastPass vault.

PersonalPVT Retrospective

2014-09-08 +project

PersonalPVT is a Web application for doing psychomotor vigilance task (PVT) testing.