Hosting your own webhook testing service on

2024-04-06 #project #fly 

Introducing a simple, open-source Webhook Testing Tool that you can easily host on Fly.

Deploying Llamafiles on Fly

2024-01-13 #project #tutorial #fly 

A quick tutorial for deploying a private “LLM model as a service” to Fly using a single-file executable Llamafile.

Why I deployed my Next.js app on Fly instead of Vercel

2023-10-23 #project #webdev #fly 

I recently deployed another one of my little apps, written with Next.js. In this post, I discuss why my app is deployed on Fly instead of Vercel, even though Vercel is ”the native Next.js platform“.

Web Clipping for Dendron

2023-01-12 #project 

A brief overview of my MarkDownload fork, intended for Dendron users.

Compiling Mermaid, KaTeX, and D2 at build-time with aftermath

2022-12-30 #meta #project 

I’m happy to report that you no longer need JavaScript to see rendered KaTeX expressions and Mermaid diagrams in my blog posts! I wrote a script aftermath that post-processes my blog posts to compile the following at build-time: KaTeX, Mermaid, and D2.

Triggering Fly deployments from Gitea webhooks

2022-11-27 #project #lab #fly 

A brief overview of gitea-fly-connector, a piece of code I recently published.


2018-09-11 #project 

G.O.L.EM. (Game Of Life EMulator) is an interactive Game of Life implementation I built, just for fun, using Clojurescript and HTML Canvas.

lpass-add and lpass-env

2016-12-29 #project 

I published two scripts, lpass-env and lpass-add, that wrap the lpass CLI. These scripts are very handy if you are storing non-password credentials, like environment variables or SSH keys, directly in your LastPass vault.

PersonalPVT Retrospective

2014-09-08 #project 

PersonalPVT is a Web application for doing psychomotor vigilance task (PVT) testing.

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